Students from Archibald Primary School and Macmillan Academy this year paid their respects on remembrance day through the creation of a special drama and documentary style film.

The film was then shown to over 2000 students and 300 staff across the two school sites on Wednesday the 11th of November.

In preparation for Remembrance 2020, staff and students had already recorded a large part of this broadcast back in December 2019. A festive backdrop was required to help tell the story of the Christmas truce and with the help of Beamish Museum, we were able to film some fantastic scenes, bringing to life the reality of war in 1914.

The annual Remembrance Day broadcast was then streamed to every classroom. This is a great way of helping our students understand the importance of Remembrance so that the sacrifices are never forgotten.

Macmillan Academy would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in this year's production. With an extended and special thanks to Beamish Museum for both expanding our young people's learning linked to WW1, whilst also creating a stunning backdrop for scenes linked to the Home Front.